Scalable and Highly Available Data Solutions

Ready to meet large scale data challenges with road-tested solutions that meet your business and technical needs.

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Delivering Value

What sets us apart is great engineering. Working with industry leading partners, we provide data solutions including online and automated telephone surveys, data visualization tools and custom data analysis that meet your business needs.

Pivot your challenges to opportunities

Our cross functional team of engineers and scientists deliver robust solutions to your challenges and create data-driven business opportunities.

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Engineering + Data

Built to Your Needs

We tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs and address your challenges.

Data Visualization

We collect and visualize data to enable efficient decision making.

Secure Solutions

We take security seriously and build our systems with it as a first-hand concern.

Big Data

Our big data infrastructure and analysis scales on demand to meet your needs.


Pyvot Inc.
Alexandria, VA

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